Spies in Disguise: Will Smith is a Super Pigeon Spy, Sorta

Will Smith plays a super-spy who is transformed into a pigeon by his gadget man (Tom Holland) in the new trailer for the animated Spies in Disguise. Blu Sky Studios' upcoming feature was partially inspired by Lucas Martell's 2009 animated short Pigeon: Impossible, which also involved pigeons and secret agents.

The problem that I have with this is once again you take a perfectly good premise (an African American spy) that we haven't seen before in real or animated and once again they decide to make him an animal! I will honestly admit I was excited at what I was seeing on the first trailer that started off amazing until his ultimate transformation! The same thing we have seen in other movies such Disney's "The Princess and the Frog" and "The Lion King" in which the main characters were voiced by African American actors but were portrayed as animals in the movie. I feel that we should be further along in 2019! 


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