Jason Austin (Designer and Owner)


My love for Superheroes started at a young age and I never grew out of it. I am proud of my love for Superheroes and most people know this about me because I’m always wearing superhero themed tees. My favorite Heroes since childhood has been Spider-man and Batman and as much as I love them I always wanted to see more Superheroes that looked like me growing up.

I thought that it would be cool idea to create Superheroes of color that looked like me that I never saw as a child in my favorite childhood Superhero cartoons. I never wanted the Heroes who shows I watched like Batman and Spider Man (or any other of my favorite Superhero characters) to be black, I love them just the way they are. All I wanted as a child and even as an adult was to see characters that looked like me that I could be proud of, that were well designed, not playing to stereotypes and could stand along side all my other beloved Heroes! 

I will admit that there are more Superheroes of color in the mainstream today (such as Luke Cage, Cyborg, Miles Morales a.k.a Spider-man, Black Lightning and come Feb 2018 a live action Black Panther movie!) than there were when I was a child growing up in the 70's and 80's but there is still a long way to go! Often we think that if it's not on mainstream media that it doesn't exist, but the truth is there is a world of independent Black comic books, animation, movies etc etc out there and with a few good google searches you should be able to find the Hero you have always been looking for! Find your Hero, be your Hero! J