FURY (The Martial Artist)

FURY (The Martial Artist)

REAL NAME: John Henry Wong

BIRTH PLACE: San Francisco, CA

POWER-SET: Highly trained in martial arts, enhanced reflexes, high intelligence

WORDS TO LIVE BY: "It is better to be a warrior in a garden, than a gardener in war."

KNOWN INFORMATION: The best way to describe Fury would be that he is a militant buddhist. A balanced thinker with the skills of a master martial artist. As the legend goes John Henry was found on the door steps of a Kwoon in china town and was found by Sifu Wong who had lost his son and wife exactly 3 years to the day he found him! Fury was raised and adopted by Sifu Wong who thought Fury about Chinese culture, Buddhism as well as the black power movement. Fury is also a master of both Chest and Wei Qi (Go) and when he's not on missions he can be found playing both in the park against other Chest and Wei Qi masters.

FIRST APPEARANCE: THE NINJA TURTLES EP. 11 "The Ninja Sword of Nowhere" (1989) Fury originally had the sword that shredder found in the ally while fighting Leonardo. While testing out the sword Fury wasn’t aware of its properties and was trapped in another dimension.