MIGHTY JIM (The People’s Hero)

MIGHTY JIM (The People’s Hero)

REAL NAME: Jimmy James


POWER-SET: Strength, speed, flight

WORDS TO LIVE BY: "If you stay ready you don't have to get ready, I sleep with my mask on!"

KNOWN INFORMATION: Mighty Jim is the Hero we all want need, the protector who puts his community first! No crime to small for this guy and will check on the needs for his community before heading out to save the world. By day Jim works as a radio personality for a local Bay Area radio station “The Bridge” as well as a community organizer so he’ll always have an ear to the streets.

ORIGIN STORY: While serving in the U.S Navy on assignment as part of a clean up crew of a chemical spill he was accidentally exposed to chemicals of unknown origins that put him in a coma. He was thought to never fully recover and was released from his contract with the Navy and was put in the care of his family. After waking from his coma 3 years later Jim started showing signs of abilities ranging from super strength, speed and the ability of flight. To protect his identity his family and a trusted doctor proclaimed him dead and Jim has lived his life as a full time hero ever since.

FIRST APPEARANCE: THE MIGHTY HEROES EP. 16 "The Time Eraser" (1967) Mighty Jm was the first to respond to the call for the Mighty Heroes and he was zapped by the time eraser and was never seen again.