On a break, out getting coffee or on a secret mission that we didn't have the pleasure of seeing on favorite superhero shows as kids growing up in the 70, 80 and 90's. I've always loved superheroes as a child and never thought much of not seeing black superheroes but as a got older and it was time to dress up as my favorite character for halloween I quickly realized that something was not quite right and that was batman's face isn't brown like mine?! Eventually i would see black superheroes characters but strangely I could/ didn't connect to them even though i was happy to se them. the reason for this i now realize is because they were what i would consider now token characters. They had brown skin but no real story or character ark and the personality that would be given to them was often stereotypical. common thing that i would notice would be things like poor custom designs, loud and or jokie personify, names that included the word "black" in the names and powers that often included some kind of electricity power. I wanted to create characters that were not stereotypical but also would have fit in with my other cartoon Superheroes growing up!

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